Not just soaps

I received an email on my facebook page on Thursday asking what else I was going to make when I re open or do make that isn’t soap.

This seems like a 2 part question so here it goes..

1- When I re-open I will be selling more than soap. I’m not 100% sure what yet. I am still in the planning faze. But I know I will be making bath bombs. Not from a kit either. They suck. well the one I bought many years ago did. Possibly some scrubs and body butter.

2- Before I went on hiatus I made hair products, scrubs , lip balm and bath jelly. Also face scrubbies and soap savers ( pic below) . For the hair I made conditioner, dry shampoo, kids de-tangler  and hair rinses.   If my budget permits I may make conditioner  and lip balm.

counter clockwise – Hair rinse, dry shampoo, bath jelly, lip balm, basic scrub and conditioner .


Soap saver and scrubbies.


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Throwback Thursday

Hello and welcome to another #TBT post 🙂

Today’s throwback is Embossed Soaps.  With just a little rubber stamp you can make your soaps look eye catching and gorgeous.

Below are the first soaps I ever embossed. Year: 2006 .

300x300 (27)


This one is my favorite!


Here are some more I made in 2009.




Tie Dye Soap Fail-ish

The other night I had an itch to make soap . I had a few blocks of my soap base . I wanted to try something new so I searched the wonderful internet and found a tie dye soap tutorial.

I thought this would be the easiest thing , but it wasn’t. With the first bar I made , as you can see in the picture below, when I poured the soap into the mold, most of the color  went to one side. I realized I missed a step. So with the second soap I made sure I did not miss that step, but I poured in too much soap so the color drops didn’t spread as much .


Since I didn’t have any more soap blocks left to try again , I cried a little just kidding. I was really bummed out though.




An Introduction

Hi Readers,

I’m Erin and I love making soap and scrubs as you will see. I started this blog to share my “come back”  ( LOL ). Its been a few years since I made and sold soap. I opened Handmade Soaps or BUST! under another name ( Princess Soaps ) in 2006. This is back when myspace was sorta like facebook now. I had a page just for my soaps and a lot of people liked my stuff. I loved my customers.

When I lived in Florida in early 2009 , I made soaps and scrubs and shampoos for a boutique . I made enough to pay my rent for my studio apartment and that was about it. Customers were asking me to make the weirdest scrubs , ( I wish I could remember at least one of them) . When the boutique went out of business in the summer of 09, I lost the only income I had. It sucked living in my car. I was able to sell the small inventory I had to past customers and I was able ( with a help of a friend who came with me) to move back to Massachusetts .

Years later and I want to make soaps and scrubs for people again. My wonderful hubby to be has been encouraging me to get back to something I love . Ive been crocheting for 4 years and although I love it, its getting kinda stale. My etsy shop (Get Hooked~ Crochet by Erin) will remain open and I will be filling orders and making items to put in the shop , my main focus will be  soaps in my other shop.

Before I just go and grab a bunch of supplies I am making a list of soaps  I want to make. Due to the poor ventilation and my cat I can not make cold processed soaps. Some day I might. So I have to use the hot process ( melt and pour ) . Its not a bad thing. It works just as good. Oh the fun I will have 🙂

So stay tuned… Follow , Like and comment .

P.S. Here are some soaps I made ….