Not just soaps

I received an email on my facebook page on Thursday asking what else I was going to make when I re open or do make that isn’t soap.

This seems like a 2 part question so here it goes..

1- When I re-open I will be selling more than soap. I’m not 100% sure what yet. I am still in the planning faze. But I know I will be making bath bombs. Not from a kit either. They suck. well the one I bought many years ago did. Possibly some scrubs and body butter.

2- Before I went on hiatus I made hair products, scrubs , lip balm and bath jelly. Also face scrubbies and soap savers ( pic below) . For the hair I made conditioner, dry shampoo, kids de-tangler  and hair rinses.   If my budget permits I may make conditioner  and lip balm.

counter clockwise – Hair rinse, dry shampoo, bath jelly, lip balm, basic scrub and conditioner .


Soap saver and scrubbies.


hsob sig



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